Google And Twitter Collaborate To Make Reading News Articles Easier

Google and Twitter merged to give their readers a new experience by launching their own version of Instant Articles, on the mobile phone.
According to multiple sources, the idea for Instant Article is that when the user clicks on a particular link, the entire site will open immediately. This application is an effort to make publishing easier for small publishers, and make their contribution on the mobile sites. This is also a response for similar apps by Facebook, Snapchat and Apple. Facebook introduced Instant Articles in May, 2015.
One of the major difference Instant Article has from other application is that they will be able to show the users cached of the web page, which in layman terms would mean that it would show you the snapshot of the web page from the publisher’s site. This will come as an added boon to the tech company, as well as to Google itself, since it is trying to offer the readers more content, instead of directing the users to other sites.
The cached web page will also display the original ad, which has been sold by the publisher along with the story. This would make ads more valuable to ad vendors, as well as to Google itself.
The company is describing Instant Article as an accelerated mobile page, according to some sources; however, it might be possible that before launching the company might change the name.
According to some valid sources, who are part of the discussion, states that the discussion is still on the table among, Google, Twitter and the Publishers. With Twitter and Google working together, it might generate questions about the possibility of Google, acquiring Twitter however; this does not give us any idea whether the deal is actually on the card. Let’s wait and watch!!