Google Announced New G Suite Security Features

11 New G Suite Security Features brings even stronger security in Gmail, Meet, and Chat.

Google announced new updates that provide even stronger security in Gmail, Meet, and Chat. The company also shared new ways to help IT admins easily manage and secure devices in the Admin Console.
Google said that a new pilot Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) will now enable organizations, who authenticate their emails using DMARC, to validate ownership of their corporate logos and securely transmit them to Google. After passing all of other anti-abuse checks on these authenticated addresses, Gmail will start showing the logo in existing avatar slots in the Gmail UI.
Source: Google
BIMI brings benefits to the whole email ecosystem. Users and email protection systems will have greater faith in the source of emails by having strong authentication, and senders will be able to leverage their brand credibility to have a more engaging experience for their clients.
The company is also rolling out new security controls in Google Meet to help ensure that only intended participants are let into a video meeting. Initially these options will be available for consumer and G Suite for Education accounts.
The company is also giving meeting hosts increased control over who can "knock" and join their meetings. Improved meeting knocking builds on existing controls which allow those not included on the calendar of a meeting to explicitly knock and ask for admission to a meeting. Hosts will get advanced safety locks so they can better protect meetings with a few simple clicks.
Source: Google
These safety locks will enable hosts to decide which methods of joining, such as calendar invite or phone, require users to obtain explicit approval to join. Safety locks will block all anonymous users’ attempts to join a meeting, and enforce the requirement that the host joins first. Specific locks gives the host the control to set the level of participant interactivity in the meeting. Hosts can control which attendees can chat and present within the meeting.
The company is also extending the strong phishing protections it already have built within Gmail to Chat. Now, any link sent to you via Chat will be checked against real-time data from Safe Browsing and flagged if it’s found to be malicious. A new option will enable you to to report and block Chat Rooms if you suspect malicious activity in one.
Source: Google
Google has redesigned the devices page in the G Suite admin console. It now includes more intuitive navigation for device management and to quickly display the number of devices managed by each service.
To see all the updates in detail, you can visit the official blog here.