Google Announces Android Enterprise Essentials

Android Enterprise Essentials is a secure mobile management service that helps you protect your business devices and data.

Recently, Google announced Android Enterprise Essentials, which is a secure mobile management service built by the Android team to make it easy to protect your business devices and data.

Google said that it has leveraged its practice of building Android Enterprise device management and security tools for the globe's biggest organizations, and distilled this functionality down to a critical set of default features developed for businesses with simpler needs and smaller budgets.

Source: Google

Key features of Android Enterprise Essentials include Requiring a lock screen and encryption on devices to prevent unauthorized access to company data, Enforcing mandatory malware protection by ensuring Google Play Protect is always on and employees can't download apps outside of the Google Play Store, and Providing the ability to wipe all company data from a device in case it’s lost or stolen. 

As these core features are applied automatically, there’s nothing for users to configure and no extensive training is required.  According to Google, Essentials is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, but also works for larger organizations that want to extend core protections to devices which may not need advanced device management.