Google Announces Android Game SDK

Google introduces Android Game SDK to help developers with frame pacing and the synchronization of rendering loop.

Recently, Google launched an Android Game SDK, which is a set of libraries that game-developers can use to enhance their Android game.
Google said that the first library launched in the Android Game SDK will help developers with frame pacing, the synchronization of a game's rendering loop with the OS display subsystem and underlying display hardware.
Source: Google 
Android Game SDK comes with the Frame Pacing library, which uses Android's Choreographer API for synchronization with the display subsystem. It uses presentation timestamp extensions on OpenGL and Vulkan APIs in order to make sure that frames are presented at the proper time. It also makes use of sync fences to avoid buffer stuffing.
According to the company, the Frame Pacing library is built into Unity versions 2019.2 and beyond. You just need to select the optimized Frame Pacing checkbox under Android Settings to enable smoother frame rates for your game.
Moreover, in case you have source to your game engine, it's very handy to integrate the library into your OpenGL or Vulkan renderer. Google has added library binaries for download at You can also download the source code from the Android Open Source Project.
To learn more, you can visit the official announcement here.