Google Announces Android KTX For Kotlin Development

Recently, Google has announced the preview of a new version of Android, Android KTX. It is a set of improved extensions designed to write Kotlin code for Android. This new version of Android provides a nice API layer to make writing your Kotlin code more natural.
The upgrade of Android KTX covering the Android framework is available at GitHub.
The company also invites its user to try and share their valuable feedback. The other parts of Android KTX will be available with the upcoming support library releases.
To help the developers, the company has shared some examples of how to write more natural and concise Kotlin code with the help of Android KTX, that are available on their official blog.
As this was a very appreciable step from Google Android, now the company is looking forward for feedback and contributions from the developers so that they can revise the API and release Android KTX as the part of Android Support Library.

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