Google Announces Cloud Buildpacks

Google is introducing broad support across Cloud for buildpacks.

Recently, Google launched broad support across Google Cloud for buildpacks. At the core of this release are a collection of open-source buildpacks and builders.
Well, Buildpacks is an open-source technology that makes it fast and convenient for developers to create secure, production-ready container images from source code and without a Dockerfile.
Google said that based on the CNCF buildpacks v3 specification, these new buildpacks render container images that follow best practices and are suitable for running on all of google's container platforms.
The serach giant said that those who haven’t already fully adopted containerization, buildpacks are a way to make use of the latest container runtime and delivery platforms. Buildpacks are also useful for quick projects when users don’t have time to properly vet and customize a Dockerfile that one might find in the wild.
Well, buildpacks are distributed and executed in OCI images called builders. Here, each builder can have one or more buildpacks. The builder of the Google Cloud buildpacks that the company has released now is available at
Google said that in addition to the open-source buildpacks, it now supports buildpacks across a range of the products. Cloud Build now natively supports buildpacks through the gcloud CLI tool: gcloud alpha builds submit --pack[project-id]/my-app
Starting with this release, continuous deployment to Cloud Run can be configured to use buildpacks. Buildpacks are now the default mechanism for source deployments on most of the newer App Engine runtimes. Notably, buildpacks enable source-based Java deployments.
For additional details, you can visit the official announcement here.