Google Announces Cloud SQL Insights

Cloud SQL Insights is a simple, open tool that helps you resolve database performance issues on Cloud SQL.

Recently, Google announced Cloud SQL Insights, which is a simple, open tool that helps you quickly understand and resolve database performance issues on Cloud SQL. These Insights comprise of open standards, world-class visualizations and use modern architectures such as microservices.

Google said that Insights helps you address database performance yourself, allowing for faster iteration on your applications and freeing your DBAs to work on more strategic tasks. Insights give you database metrics and traces through the open standard OpenTelemetry and Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Trace APIs.

The solution provides you with database monitoring through the lens of the application. You can use tags to associate queries with specific business functions, like payment, inventory, business analytics, and shipping. You can then quickly evaluate the database load contributed by specific microservices or user flows.

You can use Insights for a holistic view of performance organized by business function rather than by query. 

Source: Google

SQL Commenter, an open-source library, provided by Insights helps you auto-instruments your ORMs to help identify which application code is causing problems. SQL Commenter can automatically tags queries, alleviating the need to make any changes to application code.

Source: Google

You can seamlessly move from detection to diagnosis using a single interface. Insights helps discover query performance problems early with pre-built dashboards.

To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.