Google Announces VM Manager

VM Manager helps you to Operate large Compute Engine fleets with ease.

Recently, Google announced VM Manager, which is a suite of infrastructure management tools to simplify and automate the maintenance of large fleets of Compute Engine VMs. The solution provides a simplified toolset for automated compliance reporting and software deployment at scale.

VM Manager features a single dashboard to increase compliance visibility and real-time tracking of inventory data in order to drive actionable insights and maintain peak infrastructure performance. The suite includes 3 main services: Patch management, Configuration management, and Inventory management.

Source: Google

The patch management service has two main tools- patch compliance reporting and and patch deployment. The first one provides insights on the patch status of your VMs across Windows and Linux distributions; and the later one automates the OS and software patch update process. 

Configuration management comes with automated remediation features to lessen manual effort and keep your fleet compliant. Guest policies on each Compute Engine VM keep your software configurations consistent.

The inventory management services enables you to collect your OS and package information. It enable you to identify which VMs are running a specific version of an OS system, view packages that are installed on a VM, generate a list of package updates available for each VM, and identify missing packages, updates, or patches for a VM.

In summary VM Manager reduces complexity, and improves security and compliance reporting; as well as simplifies monitoring resources in a large cloud environment. And, the solution has a strong roadmap of exciting capabilities launching soon. To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.

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