Google Announces Xamarin Competitor To Build Native iOS and Android Apps

Google has released the first beta version of Flutter, its open source toolkit for building native iOS and Android apps.

Yet another big announcement has arrived from Google’s camp during Mobile World Congress 2018. The company has released the first beta version of Flutter, its open source toolkit for building native iOS and Android apps. Yes, the Xamarin and React Native competitor, Flutter is now available in beta.

Source: Google 

Google talked about first time and released the alpha version of Flutter during the I/O Conference last year. Today, the company made its beta available for developers, with extended features and support of many latest tools and languages, like support for Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, and recently announced Dart 2.0.

If we talk about its features, it looks like Google’s Flutter, in no way, is lesser than Microsoft’ Xamarin or Facebook’s React Native. In the official announcement, Google states,

“Designed for both new and experienced mobile developers, Flutter can help you build beautiful and successful apps in record time with benefits such as:

  • High-velocity development with features like stateful Hot Reload, a new reactive framework, rich widget set, and integrated tooling.
  • Expressive and flexible designs with composible widget sets, rich animation libraries, and a layered, extensible architecture.
  • High-quality experiences across devices and platforms with our portable, GPU-accelerated renderer and high-performance, native ARM code runtime, and platform interop.

Since our alpha release last year, we delivered, with help from our community, features such as screen reader support and other accessibility features, right-to-left text, localization and internationalization, iPhone X and iOS 11 support, inline video, additional image format support, running Flutter code in the background, and much more.”

Further, the company tells that Flutter has been in use since its alpha release and developers have successfully built and deployed the native apps on the Play Store as well as the App Store, "Hamilton: The Musical" being the most popular one.

Source: Google

For more details and a whole list of amazing features of Flutter, you can visit the Flutter website or watch this introductory video released by the company via official blog.

Source: Google