Google Assistant To Get A Guest Mode Feature

Guest Mode is an incognito-like feature that enables you to have private Assistant interactions.

Recently, Google announced that it is preparing to launch a new 'Guest mode' feature for Google Assistant, in the coming weeks. Guest mode is a new way to use your Google Assistant on home devices.
You will be able to turn on Guest mode with an easy voice command, and your Assistant interactions in this mode won’t be saved to your account.
Source: Google
Google said that users will be able to turn off Guest mode at any time to get the full, personalized Google Assistant experience again.
Well, users always have the ability to go back and delete what they said to the Assistant just using their voice, and the company has added even more answers to common questions about security and privacy that the Assistant will answer instantly.
Google said that Privacy and security have been core to everything the company does. On the same path, the company has recently also announced its work to protect the information with new security and privacy safeguards for Google Workplace and new password protections in Chrome.
Source: Google
Users will soon be able to directly edit their Location History data in Timeline by adding or editing places they have visited with just a few taps, and since search is the starting point for so many questions, Google said, now you can see your personal security and privacy settings by asking things like “Is my Google Account secure?”.

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