Google Brings Easier Identity Apps Management For Popular Work Apps

Several businesses rely on Google in order to protect employees when logging into Google App services like Drive and Gmail. The company continues to make it easier in order to extend the same ease and security to many more applications with Google identity, providing organizations with a single place to manage identy and security for all their SaaS/IT applications.
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Last year, Google has announced support for SAML 2.0, where Google itself is the identity provider. Today, the company pre-configured support for Microsoft Office 365, Facebook at Work, Panorama9, New Relic, Concur, Coupa, Box, Slack and more. This adds onto the numerous apps which Google is already supporting through the Google Apps Marketplace and OpenID Connect.
Google’s identity service provide users with even more security on mobile when it is combined with Google Apps enterprise mobile management controls like password strength, lock screen requirements and app management. These will be able to work in tandem, with the increasing number of mobile security options, from hardware such as fingerprint readers, to software such as Google’s Smart Lock.
Google states,
“Our Google Smart Lock features are available to all Google Accounts, including those used at work, and we provide identity services and enterprise mobility management (EMM) as part of Google Apps for Work at no additional cost.”