Google Brings Enhanced Smart Home Analytics

Google released enhanced analytics and logging for Smart Home Actions which according to the company will enable you to more quickly identify and respond to errors or quality issues that may arise.
Enhanced analytics and logging will enable users to access the smart home dashboard with pre-populated metrics charts for their Actions on the Analytics tab in the Actions Console, or via Cloud Monitoring. Such metrics help you measure your Action 's health and use, and gain insight into how users interact with your Action.
Source: Google
These new insights include execution types and device traits used, daily users and request counts, success rate for Smart Home engagements, user query response latency and comparison of cloud, and local fulfilment interactions.
Cloud Logging offers detailed logs around the events observed in Cloud Monitoring.
Google said that it has added additional features to the error logs to help users quickly debug why intents fail and/or which particular device commands malfunction. User will also be able to find out if their local fulfilment falls back to cloud fulfilment.
These details include Cloud vs. local fulfilment, Locale of request, Device Type, and EXECUTE vs. QUERY intents.
Google said that users can also export these logs via Cloud Pub/Sub, and build log-based metrics and alerts for their development teams to gain insights into common issues.