Google Brings Startups Accelerator: Voice AI program

'Google for Startups Accelerator: Voice AI program' will help tech startups produce high impact solutions in the voice space.

Recently, Google announced the 'Google for Startups Accelerator: Voice AI program'. The project will bring together the best of Google’s products and people with a joint mission to raise and support the most promising voice-enabled AI startups.

As part of the program, chosen startups will be paired with experts to help tackle the technical challenges facing their startups. With a focus on product development and machine learning, startups will connect with voice technology and AI/ML experts from across Google. The program intends to take startup's innovative solutions to the next level.

Source: Google

Google said that it is committed to helping tech startups deliver high impact solutions in the voice space. Well, if this sounds like your startup, you can apply until January 28, 2021. 

The accelerator is scheduled to kick off in March 2021, with a cohort of around 10-12 innovative voice technology startups.