Google Chrome 21 is available now

Download Google Chrome 21


Google has just released the new version of its most popular web browser, Chrome. Version 21 is loaded with many new features and Google cloud integration.

Today, it is all about “the cloud”. Every major technology company has or is building a cloud and moving its customers to the cloud. Google has its Drive. Microsoft has its SkyDrive and Apple has iCloud. So does Amazon, Oracle, Dell and others.

Cloud integration is the focus of this version of the Chrome. Now Chrome can connect to Google Drive and have access to your documents and even can print in the cloud.

One of the key features added to Chrome is webcam and microphone accessibility without a plugin. Obviously, Chrome will ask for your permission before using it but now there is no plugin required to use your webcam and microphones. This is done by using the new HTML 5 API called getUserMedia.

Download the new Chrome at  

I will proceed to download it right now.