Google Chrome TouchBot to test touchscreens

As we all know, a smartphone user hates a slaggy interface and it feels annoying to use such a device. However, nothing has been developed to measure this lag. But, the search engine giant is here again to solve this issue.
For testing the touchscreen lag on Android and Chrome OS devices, OptoFidely has launched a robot called Chrome TouchBot. It spots the delay between the finger input (tap or swipe) and the interface response.
Chrome TouchBot 
A lag is the measure of the time it takes a smartphone to register a finger’s tap or swipe. The delay is measured between input and response using high-speed cameras and a dexterous mechanical arm. It imitates a swipe or tap and if an issue is detected by the arm’s conductive cylindrical tip, the issue is set aside for further breakdown. These issues can be longer than the average lag time, failure to register taps, etc.
We can definitely say that Google is here to minimize the problem of High touchscreen latency.