Google Cloud Introduces API Gateway

Google Cloud API Gateway(now available in public beta) is a fully managed gateway for serverless workloads.

Recently, Google announced the Cloud API Gateway in public beta, which is a fully-managed Google Cloud offering that enables users to create, secure, and monitor APIs for their serverless workloads.
Source: Google
Google said that the new API Gateway enables developers to easily package multiple services into easy-to-use APIs while making it easy for users to access via a single interface. API Gateway also adds additional layers of security like authentication and key validation, by configuring security definitions that need all incoming calls to provide a valid API key.
Source: Google
API Gateway also enables you to set quotas and specify usage limits to protect your APIs from abuse or excessive usage.
According to Google, API Gateway offers all the operational benefits of serverless, like flexible deployment and scalability, so that developers can focus on building great applications. The new Gateway can manage APIs for multiple backends such as Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, Compute Engine, App Engine, and Google Kubernetes Engine.

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