Google Cloud Now Makes $1 Billion Quarterly

The quarterly revenue of Google's Cloud offerings has reached $1 billion. In a conference call with analysts on Thursday, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai revealed this information. The stats have been released in the company’s Revenue Report for the Q4 of 2017. You can download the complete report from here.

Pichai stated,

“Google Cloud, which includes Google Cloud Platform and G Suite, has reached meaningful scale, and I'm excited to share today that it's already a billion dollar per quarter business.

In fact, we believe that Google Cloud Platform, based on publicly reported data for the twelve months ended December 2017, is the fastest growing major public cloud provider in the world.

We are also increasingly doing larger, more strategic deals with customers. In fact, the number of deals worth over $1 million across all Cloud products more than tripled from 2016 to 2017.”

As you can see, this revenue includes the earnings of two cloud-based offerings of Google, Google Cloud Platform and G Suite. However, the individual revenue of each product is not specified. And, even with this great achievement, the company still lacks behind the two major players in the cloud market, Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure.

As reported by CNBC,

“Amazon Web Services does have productivity tools, but they're not as widely used as services like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Gmail, which are part of G Suite. That means making direct comparisons between AWS and the Google cloud isn't perfectly fair. AWS revenue, for the sake of comparison, grew 44.6 percent year over year.

Microsoft doesn't provide exact numbers for Azure, but on Wednesday Microsoft said its "commercial cloud" lineup, which includes the Office 365 productivity suite, the Dynamics 365 software, and Azure, produced $5.3 billion in revenue for the fourth quarter, up 56 percent year over year. Azure itself saw revenue growth of 98 percent.

Well, it is not as bad because the Cloud service of Google was launched in 2012 but Microsoft Azure has been in the market from 2008 and Amazon AWS, from 2006.


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