Google Daydream Getting VR Web Browser

At the I/O developer conference, Google has announced that its Virtual Reality platform Google Daydream will get its first software update by the end of this year. The company has indicated that they have big plans for Daydream, and are trying to revamp it as a full-fledged operating system.
Not only this, the famous VR platform will get its own version of Chrome Web browser. Though, you can navigate to Daydream experiences through normal Android’s Chrome but this VR web browser enables the users to browse web pages while in a Daydream headset, while accessing the WebVR content.
This major software update is codenamed as Daydream Euphrates, and it will be rolled out to all the phones that support Daydream VR. In order to eliminate the dependency and to make it self-contained headset (that doesn’t need a smartphone to work), Google might add a pop up 2D panel that will remain in view on top of virtual environments. Thus, accessing Android functions via Daydream will be easier for VR users. For this, Google has partnered with HTC Vive and Lenovo. 
Mike Jazayeri, the Daydream director of product management, explains,
“The whole idea behind this is, we don't want to take you out of the VR experience if you need to check notifications or change a setting or pause or do whatever.”
Additionally, the new update will add the following features.
  • More options for sharing videos and images
  • Screen capturing and screenshot functionality
  • Ability to cast your screen live to a Chromecast-equipped TV, somewhat similar to the “mirror mode” feature of desktop VR headsets.
  • Capability of importing bookmarks and personalizations from other versions to VR web version of Chrome.
Well, Google knows what the VR Republic needs. It will be exciting to see Google Daydream updated with these amazing features and having its own version of Chrome. 

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