Google Drive Permits 10GB File Transfer on Gmail

The Internet offers plenty of options for transferring files too large to be attached to an e-mail. As is often the case, however, sending such files occurs just at the point when a time-consuming project has been completed, tacking on another task. 

google_drive 1.jpg

According to a report from CNet, Google is currently integrating its Google Drive platform with Gmail, enabling Gmail users to send files up to 10GB on Google Drive and insert them directly into an e-mail. 

10GB is up to 400 times larger than a traditional attachment permits, so the inclusion of Google Drive in the Gmail service provides a quick and centralized place to share big files. 

In a post on the Official Gmail Blog, Product Manager Phil Sharp describes the "smart technology" linking the two services, similar to the feature that alerts users when an intended attachment has been forgotten. Gmail will now double-check that recipients have access to any files being sent, prompting the sender to adjust or confirm sharing settings. 

The combined service is rolling out over the next few days, according to the blog, and is only available to those who have updated to Google's new compose experience. Sharing large files all in one frequented place -- whether it be photos, music, video, or bulky presentations -- is a very welcome feature for Gmail and a nifty way to build recognition for Google Drive.