Google Fit's Latest Update Allows Users To Track Their Exercise From Android Wear

The new Google Fit update allows you to train how to exercise properly, as well as track the progress of your exercise.

Last November's Google Fit update added a new digital watch face and challenge mode that provides users training on how to do numerous exercises on their Android Wear device. This week, another Wear update (version 1.56) adds on an activity screen, which will allow you to track your exercise progress from your watch.
The new walking, running, and biking activities were joined earlier by sit-up, push-up, and squat challenges. Unlike challenges which train you on how to exercis properly, the new activities provide a screen which tracks the progress of your exercise. You can easily access it by sliding to the fifth pane in the Wear Fit app, or by going to Fit Activity app.
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Tapping on either Wear Fit app orthe Fit Activity app will start a countdown and launch the activity screen. You can choose from three metrics to monitor your workout: calories, distance, pace, steps, and the time of the day. If you go on to enable the ambient mode on your watch, the activity screen will remain and act as the watch face until you exit from the app or pause/stop exercising.
When you need to return to the activity screen, all you need to do is find the Fit card on the main Wear timeline and slide it over, which would also pause the tracking. After you have finished the activity, Fit will display the summary of your workout. The activity screen is a convenient and nice addition for all those who use Google Fit for exercising.