Google Introduced Project Fi

Today, Google announced Project Fi, a new way to connect and communicate. Project Fi allows people to get the best connectivity between devices and the Internet by partnering with hardware manufactures and Internet service providers. Project Fi is responsible for connecting you to the best available network based on your availability and capabilities.

Announced via Google blog, Project Fi focuses on three key areas. Not only does Project Fi help you get the highest quality connection, but as you move around, depending on the device, accessibility, and capability, you will get access to the highest quality Internet, whether it is a Wi-Fi hotspot, 4G, or 4G LTE. Project Fi also chooses the easiest way to communicate for you and all this happens automatically.

Currently, Project Fi is available on Nexus 6 only. It costs $20 a month for talk, text, and Wi-Fi and $10 per GB cellular data.

Watch the following video to learn more.