Google Introduces 4K Digital Whiteboard For Collaboration, Jamboard

Google introduces Jamboard, a collaborative, digital whiteboard which will make it easier for you and your team to share ideas in real time and create new things without boundaries. The company is moving the whiteboard to the cloud.
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Google states,
“Jamboard raises the bar on collaborative creativity, bringing the same real-time collaboration found in G Suite, combined with the best of the web, to your team’s brainstorms and meetings. You can work with teammates from across the world on other Jamboards or remotely use the smartphone or tablet companion app.”
Jamboard will make it easier to enrich your brainstorming sessions, with the power of Google Search along with your team’s work in G Suite. All you need to do is grab the images and content from the web and bring them right into your “jam.” Pull in work from the Docs, Sheets, and Slides or add photos stored in Drive. In order to capture your ideas clearly, Jamboard is packed with tools, such as sticky notes, as well as stencils, along with the intelligent features like handwriting and shape recognition.
It is quite a hassle when you use a whiteboard, reach the end of your meeting, and you need to quickly scramble to snap a picture of your work. Jamboard allows you to take your work with you. When you “jam” with your colleagues, it lives on the cloud in Google Drive, and you will be able to easily share all that you have created or come back to iterate at anytime.
The company states,
“Your brainstorm doesn’t have to end when the meeting does.”
Jamboard has been intelligently designed to speed up collaboration among your teams with a 55-inch 4K display which features a best in class touch response time. You will be able to combine this with a built-in HD camera, speakers and Wi-Fi, and you are all set to collaborate and broadcast your work across the world with Hangouts.
The Jamboard’s touchscreen has been built for precision drawing. It automatically recognizes the difference between using the stylus to sketch or the eraser to restart and neither does it require batteries or pairing. Jamboard can also sense when you are using your finger to wipe work off from the screen, just like the classic whiteboard, except that you will not get any ink in your hand. The intuitive, single-cable setup makes it easier to start creating quickly with the Jamboard –‘just wheel it in, turn it on and start brainstorming.’
The company states,
“We want to help teams get back to the heart of what they love to do: create new ideas. That’s why we’ve worked closely with G Suite customers like Instrument, Netflix, and Spotify to refine the blend of hardware and software that drives Jamboard. We're also partnering with BenQ to tap into its network of channels and resellers to help bring Jamboard to market.”
The touch displays have traditionally been expensive,  and at under $6,000 USD, Jamboard will be made available for purchase in 2017.