Google Introduces HPC VM Images

Google brings CentOS 7-based HPC VM Images, with a focus on tightly-coupled MPI workloads.

Recently, Google announced the Public Preview of a CentOS 7-based Virtual Machine image for high-performance computing workloads, HPC VM image.

The HPC VM image enables you to instantiate VMs that are tuned to achieve optimal CPU and network performance on Google Cloud, easily and quickly.

The HPC VM image allows you to create HPC-ready VMs out-of the-box that incorporate Google's best practices for tightly-coupled HPC applications. Advantages of HPC VM image include Networking optimizations for tightly-coupled workloads; Compute optimizations for HPC workloads; and Consistent and reproducible multi-node performance.

Source:  Google

Google said that this release of the HPC VM image focuses on tunings for tightly coupled HPC workloads and implements the best-practices for optimal MPI application performance like Disable Hyper-Threading, MPI collective tunings, Increase tcp_*mem settings, Enable busy polling, and Raise user limits.

The company is continuing to work with its HPC partners to integrate the HPC VM image with partner offerings by default. Soon, HPC customers who use Slurm will be able to start HPC-ready clusters that make use of the HPC VM image by default.

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