Google iOS Mapping App in the Works

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt said yesterday in Tokyo that the company had made no move to develop an app for its mapping service on Apple's iOS devices. Today, several sources are reporting that plans are in the works for iOS app. 

ArsTechnica reported yesterday that Apple had over a year left on its Google Maps contract, but opted to create its own mapping software for iOS 6 without warning Google of the announcement in June. Unnamed sources close to Google have told the New York Times that the company will in fact develop a Google Maps app for iOS, but that it will not completed for another couple of months

Complications could arise over Apple's discretion to approve any app that Google ultimately develops, as well as a desire on Google's part to include 3-D interactive images comparable to what Apple is now offering, despite the glitches with its Maps App in the early going. 

As Chris Zeigler writes in the ArsTechnica piece:

"Ultimately, maps are just one more front in an increasingly high stakes war between rival ecosystems as PCs give way to mobile devices. Apple and Google both plainly understand that phones and tablets are most powerful when used in conjunction with sophisticated cloud-based services, and both seem determined to own and integrate the entire experience..."

Eventually, when a Google Maps app does arrive for iOS, the question of Apple's approving it could end up giving a very clear indication of just how far the competition will go, and at what cost to consumer preferences.