Google Is Supposedly Working On A Keyboard For iOS

According to the Verge, Google is reportedly working on a new keyboard for iOS which will come with a dedicated search button. It is also being said that this keyboard will come with a GIF button and allow for swipe text input.
It is yet not known if and when Google will release this keyboard; however, the employees at Google have been toying with this particular device for months.
It would bring in some key features which the iOS keyboard is missing, but it’s not something that users will not be able to get via another third-party keyboard, except for the dedicated Google search button.
Although Google could have kept one thing in mind, which is that third-party keyboards have never been very popular among iOS users. Support for the third-party keyboard was added to iOS 8, but most users opted to keep using the default keyboard from Apple. Whether or not Google is able to change the mind of its users and sway it towards its iOS keyboard is yet to be seen.