Google Is Testing New Travel App Named Trips

Google is currently testing a Trips app (via Androidworld) which will help you to organize all the aspects of your travel along with useful suggestions.
This app is currently in testing for members of Google Maps Local Guides program, and it is most likely that this app will soon be launched. One of the key features of this app is its ability to store travel data offline.
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The main view of Google Trips comes with a list of past as well as upcoming travels. Trips are automatically added by scanning your Gmail messages. You will also be able to add your own travels by using the FAB which is available at the bottom right hand corner. Tapping on the place of destination will present in front of you numerous sections which are related to different aspects of the trip, such as reservations, things to do, food and drink, saved places, getting around, and need to know.
In things to do, the user will be able to view the top tourist destinations along with places which have been especially tailored for them. Locations are also organized into outdoors and indoors. In general, the features are quite similar to those available in Google Maps, which suggest places to visit. However, this app does more than just offer you suggestions. The Getting around section will inform you how to travel to from one tourist place to another, using several travel methods, such as public transportation.
The app makes use of swiping tabs in order to organize data and it has a very material design. Generally, the app reflects Google’s ambition to be able to assist you with every aspect of your life. It is currently in testing for Android, and chances are that there will also be an iOS version.

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