Google Launches A New IoT Platform Known As Android Things

Google has launched an IoT platform which allows you to build connected devices while leveraging Android APIs, along with the company’s cloud-based services, in order to deliver updates as well as enable voice commands.
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The company has stated that it is combining Brillo, which is the earlier Android-based IoT OS with tools, such as Android Studio, the Android SDF, Google Play Services as well as Google Cloud Platform, so as to make it simpler for developers to build smart devices.
Google is also working on adding support for Weave, its IoT communications platform that helps devices connect to Google Services for setup and also talk about other gadgets with Google Assistant.
Google hopes that it will lead the charge against the growing IoT platform space, even though there are numerous alternatives which are already available to developers.
Android Things at the moment is available in the Developer Preview, and you can get it from here.