Google Launches Anthos Developer Sandbox

Anthos Developer Sandbox gives you an effortless approach to learn how to develop on Anthos, and is available at no cost, to anyone with a Google account.

Recently, Google launched the Anthos Developer Sandbox, which gives you an easy way to learn how to develop on Anthos, and is available at no cost, to anyone with a Google account.

According to Google, using Anthos Developer Sandbox, with only a few minutes of your time you can get a developer-focused overview of Anthos. The platform includes Cloud Shell Editor, Cloud Code, and Cloud Build Local. These three components provide you everything you need to iterate on, debug, and test your own applications before deploying to Anthos. 

Cloud Shell Editor is a development workstation in the cloud. It makes it easy to deploy cloud-native apps from an in-browser IDE, powered by the Eclipse Theia IDE platform and including all the underlying tools you need.

Source: Google

Cloud Code is a set of IDE enhancements that bring the tools needed for modern cloud-native development like Skaffold and Minikube. And, Cloud Build Local is a tool for running Cloud Build builds locally.  You do not need an active Google Cloud Platform project.

Irrespective of which runtime you choose, the Anthos Developer Sandbox guides you to perform common day-to-day development tasks with Anthos, such as running an application with Cloud Code in a local development environment for Kubernetes that emulates Anthos clusters or using Cloud Build to run your tests locally.

Anthos Developer Sandbox helps you to Iterate your application with live updates as you develop, and use Buildpacks to simplify your application image creation without needing Dockerfiles.

The Anthos Sandbox helps you with the tools you can use to build an idiomatic developer experience on top Anthos’ container-based runtimes like GKE and Cloud Run.