Google Launches Cloud Search For Business Customers

Google has launched a new tool for its business customers today, named as Google Cloud Search. Previously available in a limited preview under the name Springboard, the Cloud Search is capable of searching across Drive, Contacts, Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Sites, and more G Suite offerings.
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The Cloud Search tool is specially developed for big enterprises because they have many groups, teams, and departments have a lot of data to access from several files of different types. This service allows access to that data while respecting the data privacy and file-sharing permissions. So, you can search your keyword from those resources for which you have permission.
The Cloud Search works the similar way Google Now works, i.e., it has card-style design so you can easily access the information via phone, tab, or laptop. Additionally, the tool works as directory service and you can get colleagues’ contact information as well as common events and files. The tool employs machine intelligence to highlight the information it finds best suited to your query. Not only this, for a contact, you can click to start an email, phone call, or a Hangout.
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Currently, the service is available for the customers using G Suite Business and Enterprise editions. Well, Google has indicated that we may see third-party application integration also in coming future, and hopefully, the range of the customers it serves will also be widened.

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