Google Launches Grasshopper Gallery On Desktop

Grasshopper Gallery is a place for beginners to explore their coding skills. It helps you create a new code snippet from scratch or get started by editing some starter code.

Google announced the launch of the Grasshopper Gallery on desktop. Grasshopper is a coding app for beginners that helps you start your coding adventure with fun, quick games on your phone that teach you to write real JavaScript.
Grasshopper is a Code with Google program. With Grasshopper's beginner-centered learning environment, beginners are guided via exercises that teach key coding concepts like functions, loops and variables. You build coding skills and gain confidence in your abilities as you progress through the curriculum.
Source: Google
Grasshopper course covers the foundations of JavaScript, how to create animations with code, teaches solving problem techniques needed for technical interviews and introduces how to build a website with HTML and CSS
Now, with the launch of Grasshopper Gallery, you can apply those skills to create visualizations, mini-games, web pages and more in the Gallery. This free-form environment, allows you to start to build using your own imagination and creativity.
Beginners can use the Gallery to build their own coding portfolio to showcase their abilities to potential employers or continuing education programs.
The app is available on Android, iOS and desktop.