Google Launches ML API To Recognize Objects In Videos

At the Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, Google announced the launch of new machine learning API for automatically recognizing objects in video and making them searchable.
The latest Video Intelligence API would go on to allow developers to build applications that will go on to automatically remove a video. So far, most similar image recognition APIs were available in the cloud, and they focused only on building still images; however with the help of the new API, developers will now be able to build applications that will allow users to search as well as discover information in videos. This means that you will now be able to build applications which will allow you to search and discover information in videos.
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The company, in its official blog, states,
“Today at Google Cloud Next ‘17 we’re excited to announce new products, research and education programs to ensure machine learning is accessible to all businesses, data scientists and developers. We're also thrilled to welcome Kaggle to Google Cloud. Home to the world's largest community of data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts, Kaggle is used by more than 800,000 data experts to explore, analyze and understand the latest updates in machine learning and data analytics.”
Besides extracting metadata, the API allows you to tag scene changes in a video, and these videos need to be stored in Google’s cloud storage service. You can now view the demo of how this works also. The developers will be able to sign up for private beta here.
Additionally, the Cloud Machine Learning Engine, which is the company’s tool for building custom machine learning models using its TensorFlow framework, is now generally available.
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