Google Launches New Serverless Database Migration Service

Serverless Database Migration Service, DMS, offers an easy, secure, and reliable experience for database migrations

Recently, Google launched the new serverless Database Migration Service (DMS).

Google said that DMS offers an easy, secure, and reliable experience for database migrations. "Preparing databases for replication, configuring secure source connectivity, and validating migration setup is baked right into DMS, making the setup clear, fast, and repeatable."

According to Google DMS provides high-fidelity, minimal downtime migrations for MySQL and PostgreSQL workloads. It is designed to be truly cloud-native, "built by and for the cloud". The service makes use of log shipping to replicate data at super-low latencies from the source database to the destination. DMS streams the initial snapshot of data, then catches up and continuously replicates new data as it arrives in the source.

When you use DMS for Migrations the source and destination are continuously up to date because they rely on the databases’ own native replication capabilities. This replication technique maximizes the fidelity of data transferred with very low latency. 

And, as DMS is serverless, users have not to worry about provisioning, managing, or monitoring migration-specific resources. The source database’s data, schema, and additional database features are replicated to the Cloud SQL destination reliably, and at scale, with no user intervention required.