Google Launches Quya

Qaya, a new retail service from Google provides web storefronts for creators who want to sell products and services directly to their audiences.

Recently, Google rolled out a new retail service called Qaya, a special storefront for content creators who want to sell their services and merchandise directly to audiences. Google Qaya, currently in beta preview, is available only in the United States.

According to Google, creators on Qaya can sell everything from trapeze workout guides to wellness training videos, beat packs, ASMR read-alouds, photo filters, productivity templates, knitting patterns and much more. Google supports pay-gated and free products, with tipping, subscription and other monetization types.

A lot of content creators operate their own storefronts, which costs high. The Qaya will offer the same benefits at the fraction of the cost. The project is the newest to emerge from Google’s in-house project incubator, Area 120.

The search giant believes now is the best time to launch such a storefront with content creators becoming more common. "Our project began with a simple idea: creators are the next generation of entrepreneurs." wrote Google, "As the CEOs of their own businesses, they need the same commercial tools as any successful founder".

Source: Google

Google said that creators will be able to use Qaya as the hub for their business activity across the web. Creater can easily link to their Qaya storefronts from their social media bios, and showcase digital products they upload or products and services hosted on other sites. Google offers custom or URLs, with payment functionality built in. 

Source: Google

The solution also features customer management and analytics tools that people can use to connect with their audience and understand sales and content performance.

The team has also started to integrate Quaya with other Google products, for example, YouTube’s Merch Shelf. Eligible YouTube creators can promote products from Qaya directly below videos on their YouTube channel.

The service will be available in more countries soon.