Google Launches Sound Notifications On Android

Sound Notifications provides push notifications for critical sounds around you.

Recently, Google announced Sound Notifications, which is a new feature on Android that provides push notifications for critical sounds around you.
Designed for the approx 466 million people in the world with hearing loss, Google said, Sound Notifications features makes important household sounds more accessible with push notifications, a flash from the camera light, or vibrations on the Android phone.
Source: Google
Sound Notifications also works with other devices, including Wear OS by Google smartwatches. Users can get text notifications with vibrations on their wrist when there is important noise detected by the phone. So, users can continue to get alerts about critical sounds even when they are asleep, "a concern shared by many in the deaf and hard of hearing community." 
 Source: Google
Sound Notifications works offline and makes use of your phone's microphone to recognize different noises such as baby sounds, water running, smoke and fire alarms, and appliances beeping. Google said that this expands Google's sound detection work in Live Transcribe which shows more than 30 sound events alongside real-time captions, to provide a better picture of overall sound awareness.
The Timeline view, allows users to scroll through a brief snapshot of detected sounds from the past few hours. "This shows when and how long the sound occurred to get a better sense of the sound’s importance. So if the dog has been barking because of a siren heard before that for 10 minutes, you can see that." said Google