Google Launches WebVRExperiments And AIExperiments

In an attempt to bring Virtual Reality closer to developers, Google launches WebVR Experiments web platform that showcases VR content. Also, from now on, the WebVR on Chrome is compatible with Google Cardboard, another low-cost Google gadget for demonstrating virtual reality.

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On the other hand, the AIExperiments is a platform that offers interactive demonstrations of what Google's AI Software can do. However, Google is working on it very quietly and it is not officially announced yet, the website is simply a promotional platform that shows what Google is teaching to its AI software, and inspires developers to work on AI and experiment the code available on the site.
This is worth noticing that WebVR was first available for Daydream-ready phones but now, Google has brought it for all the users. So, even if you don’t own any Cardboard or Daydream device, you can experience the WebVR Experiments via your desktop, laptop or handset, however in 2D.
"WebVR brings virtual reality to the web, making it easier for anyone to create, enjoy, and share VR experiences. With WebVR, you can open up a browser like Chrome and get into VR just by clicking a link, without waiting for apps to get approved or installed. Lots of developers are excited about WebVR, and have been busy experimenting with the technology. This site showcases some of these projects – giving you a glimpse into what’s possible with WebVR.",  says Google on the website. 
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The company also hints that it is working on Chrome desktop support for other VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which we will soon be able to experience, as promised by the software giant.
Not only this, the company now wants the users to be part of these experiments on both the websites and has invited them to share their own projects. The outstanding experiments could be featured on the respective website.
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So, now can check both the websites and submit your experiments too. It would be great to see your work published there.