Google Launches YouTube Video Series On Cloud For Student Developers

Recently, Google said that its Cloud team is creating a YouTube video series named "Google Cloud for Student Developers" crafted specifically for the student developer audience.
This YouTube video series focuses on developing experiences and skills that will benefit student developers in their future careers. Google said that Google Cloud includes a pair of well-known product groups, Google Cloud Platform dubbed GCP as well as G Suite. But many don't know that behind each G Suite application like Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, are developer APIs.
The Google Cloud higher education team has launched the first of a 5-episode mini-series to inaugurate the video collection that shows students how they can code G Suite. Watchers will learn about the HTTP-based RESTful APIs and Google Apps Script, extension of G Suite app functionality, as well as integration of your apps with Gmail, Drive, and many more G Suite, Google, and even external services.
Succeeding episodes dig deeper into the RESTful APIs and Apps Script. The final couple of videos teaches students full-fledged apps they can build with G Suite developer tools.
To learn more on integrating with G Suite, you can visit the documentation site as well as the G Suite developer videos