Google Map Updated

Google made a few visual changes along with new additions to Google Maps on desktop, iOS and Android.
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 Google in its official blog states,
“The real world is changing every second and Google Maps is changing with it. Most often these changes happen behind the scenes in the form of road closures and new businesses. But today we’re making a few visual changes and additions to Google Maps on desktop, Android and iOS to help you better explore the world around you.”
In this update, Google has removed the elements which were not required, such as road outlines. The final result brings a ‘cleaner look’ which will make it easier to view the helpful as well as actionable information, such as transit and traffic. The company has also improved the topography of the street names, points of interest, transit stations, and many more to make it additionally distinguishable from the other things on the map and help the users to easily navigate with fewer distractions.
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The cleaner canvas will allow Google to show the local information in a completely new way. As you explore the new map, you will notice the areas shaded in orange. These areas represent ‘areas of interest’ – places where there will be several activities and things to do. In order to find an “areas of interest”, all you need to do is open Google Maps and look at the places around you. When you find an area in orange shade, zoom in to check on more details about each venue. Tapping on each venue would provide you with detailed information on the shaded place.
Google also provided us with the following information in its official blog,
“We determine “areas of interest” with an algorithmic process that allows us to highlight the areas with the highest concentration of restaurants, bars and shops. In high-density areas like NYC, we use a human touch to make sure we’re showing the most active areas.”
The new Map comes with a subtle color scheme which will help you to differentiate between man-made and natural features along with quick identification of places, like hospitals, schools, and highways. The image provided below gives a clearer idea about the key colors represented on the map.
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Google concluded by saying,
 “Google Maps already provides you everything you need to get around the world in one place —including business information, ratings and reviews, and more than 100+ million distinct places. And with these updates, it's now even easier to navigate to where you want to go.”

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