Google Phases Out Google Now From Google Apps Beta

Just before launching Google Assistant as part of Allo, Google has gone on to update the beta version of its Google app. The big difference! Almost all Google Now branding has been updated or removed.
Android as well as the Google blog have collectively lost it, hastily declaring that Google Now is dead.
However, this is just a beta app, and there is nothing much to see here, for now. VentureBeat spoke to a Google spokesperson, who said, “We don’t comment on beta updates, as these are experimental and may change.”
It is absolutely correct that Beta does not mean final. Numerous changes and features in various Google products and services have never gone on to see the light of the day.
This news was first broken by Android Police, who added a note later that the app still has one reference to Google Now. Everywhere else, Google Now cards have also gone on to be renamed to Feed and Now On Tap has also been renamed to “Screen search.”
However, let us give it a thought. Was it necessary for Google to phase out the Google Now brand and just push it towards Assistant, given that both are meant to provide contextual information? If bots live up to the hype, it would make an abundance of sense. And even if it does not, then Assistant could still be the term surrounding all of Google’s A.I. effort, in spite of the medium the help comes in.
If this branding change sticks, it will not be for the first time. The Google app for Android and iOS used to be called Google Search. Back in September, 2014, Google had gone on to rebrand it so as to underline that the app provides more than just search results.
However, for now, Google Assistant is only available in Allo. The Google app, which everyone uses aside from beta testers, still comes with Google Now functionality. Whether this will really change or not, is yet to be seen.