Google Releases Android P Developer Preview

Recently Google has released a developer preview of Android P. This new version preview has been launched for developers only for testing, reviewing, and providing feedback to the company. The company also tells us that they will be sharing more at Google I/O in May. 
Source: Android Developers Blog
With this new Android version, the company has launched some new features.
Indoor positioning with Wi-Fi RTT
Now, Android P provides a platform support for the IEEE802.11mc WiFi protocol allowing you to take the advantage of the indoor positioning in your apps. With this amazing feature, you can now get the device position with the accuracy of 1 to 2 meters. With the help of this accuracy, you can get the building navigation services and location-based information.
 Source: Android Developers Blog
Display cutout support
With this feature, you can take advantage of the latest device screens with fullscreen content. Now you can manage how your content should be displayed.
The company states –
“Cutout support works seamlessly for apps, with the system managing status bar height to separate your content from the cutout. If you have critical, immersive content, you can also use new APIs to check the cutout shape and request full-screen layout around it. You can check whether the current device has a cutout by calling getDisplayCutout(), and then determine the location and shape of the cutout area using DisplayCutout. A new window layout attribute, layoutInDisplayCutoutMode, lets you tell the system how and when lay out your content relative to the cutout area.”
Source: Android Developers Blog
Improved messaging notifications
In the improved version, the company has worked on visibility and functionality of the notifications. Now you can suggest smart replies, show conversations, and attach photos and stickers.
Source: Android Developers Blog
Multi-camera API
With this multi-camera API function, you can now stream simultaneously from two or more physical cameras on devices. It can be either dual-front camera or dual-back cameras and also enables innovative features which are not possible with a single camera.
HDR VP9 Video, HEIF image compression, and Media APIs
The new Android version enables a built-in-support for HDR VP9 Profile 2 to deliver HDR-enabled movies to users from YouTube, Play Movies, and other sources on HDR-capable devices.
Data cost sensitivity in JobScheduler
Now you can manage your scheduled tasks with Android’s JobSheduler. In Android P JobSheduler handles network-related jobs better for the user, coordinating with network status signals provided by the carriers.
Neural Networks API 1.1
In Android P the company has introduced the Neural Network API to accelerate on-device machine learning. The company has improved this API adding support for nine new ops including Pad, BatchToSpaceND, SpaceToBatchND, Transpose, Strided Slice, Mean, Div, Sub, and Squeeze.
Autofill improvements
The company has improved the Autofill framework based on the feedback from the users and developers. With many bugfixes, the company has released new API which enables password manager to improve the Autofill user experience.
Open mobile API for NFC payments and secure transactions
The new version of Android implemented the GlobalPlatform Open Mobile API to Android. Now, apps can use OMAPI API to access secure elements to enable smart card payments and other secure services.
You can go through the video to know more about the new features of Android P:
Source: Android Developers Blog
The company has also released a program overview for Android P Developer Preview –
Source: Android Developers Blog
To learn more about the Android P developer Preview you can visit the Official Android Developers Blog
The company is now looking forward to updating the preview system images and SDK regularly. As this version is only for developers so it is available for download manually or with flash only.
As the company reaches the final product consumers will also be invited to try this through Android Beta, but for now Android Beta is not available for Android P. And the company also asks for feedback and issues for the new version.