Google Releases WebView DevTools

WebView DevTools is a developer tools to debug WebView in Beta.

Recently, Google announced WebView DevTools, which is a new set of on-device debugging tools to diagnose WebView-caused crashes and misbehaving web platform features.
Well, WebView DevTools comes included as part of WebView itself. Google said that the best and simplest way to launch WebView Devtools is to try out WebView Beta, which is a way for app programmers to get WebView many weeks before they reach users, for extra lead time to report compatibility bugs to Google-android team.
Source: Google 
Now, WebView Beta comes with a launcher icon for WebView DevTools. By just opening WebView DevTools and taping on "crashes," users can see a list of recent WebView-caused crashes from apps on their device. Users can also use this tool to see if the crash report has been uploaded to Google servers or force-upload it if required, and subsequently file a bug.
Similar to Google Chrome's chrome://flags tool, which enables compatibility testing with web platform features, WebView DevTools offers app developers similar controls for experimental features. You will need to launch WebView DevTools and tap on "flags," enable or disable any available features, then kill and restart the WebView-based app you want to test.