Google Reports Security Flaw In Microsoft Edge

Google had found some security flaws in Microsoft Edge.

Google’s Project Zero team works on finding flaws in the software developed by the company or other companies. Recently, they had found some security flaws in Microsoft Edge. 
The security flaws have been classified as “Medium” and were disclosed by Google to Microsoft in November 2017. Then, Microsoft was provided with the standard time of 90 days to fix the issue before Google makes the report public but the software giant has failed to fix the issue even after an extended 14 days grace period. As a result, the issue is now public.
This is very unusual for Microsoft to not to address such issues. In a previous similar incident, the company took action with a fix within 10 days of claiming the flaws. Maybe the issue this time is very complex (as rumoured in pop-media) or the company is not very prone to work on it. Well, whatever the case be, we can expect an explanation from Microsoft soon.