Google Rumored To Build A Smarter Messaging App

Wall Street Journal recently reported that Google is building a new mobile messaging app, which knocks that artificial intelligence know-how and so-called chatbot technology, in order to catch up with their competitors.
According to the Portio Research Ltd, messaging services are among the most popular mobile application across the globe, with more than 2 billion users. The two messaging app by Google-Hangout and Messenger- is far less popular compared to its competitors, such as Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger, and WeChat by Tencent Holdings Ltd, which is extremely popular in China. Some services are providing its users with other facilities too, such as WeChat, allow its users to shop, pay bill and also book appointments.
According to sources, Google is planning to integrate chatbots, a software program which answer questions inside the messaging app. Users will now be able to text their friends or a chatbot, which will search the entire web, and other sources in order to gain information to answer a particular question. It is still unknown when Google will launch this particular service or what will it be called. It is also doubtful if this new approach will be more success than its other messaging apps. Users only join a particular messaging app because they know other users and Google have not created such an effect with Hangouts and Messenger.
Google has declined any comment regarding any new messaging on the way.
According to some unknown sources, Google veteran Nick Fox is leading a team who is working on this new messaging service for almost a year now. We also hear that in October, Mr. Fox offered to buy 200 Labs Inc, a startup which build chatbots. However, the firm did not accept the offer.
The 200 Labs Inc, has developed marketplace and rating service for chatbot on Telegram, a messaging app, which offers several chatbots, loyal to subjects such as, image search, weather, dating and news. The firm is at the moment working on a new technology which will help in choosing the best chatbot in order to make a respond to a request.
According to a source, Google is also aiming to provide its users, with something quite similar to this service. The source also claims that now users can send their queries as text messages, instead of into Google’s search engine, and chatbots will respond to it.