Google+ set to beat Twitter, LinkedIn

After a month of Google+ services was launched agencies claiming its over grow up to 22 percent in Social Networking market. Growth is at par as compared to other social networking hubs like Twitter & LinkedIn Corp. It is believed that it should be the second- most-used social site after Facebook Inc, a survey found. 

Google+ has signed up 13 per cent of US adults and will add 9 percent over the next year, according to the survey from Bloomberg/YouGov. In the same period, Facebook will lose about 2 percentage points of US adults to keep 69 per cent of that population, while Twitter and LinkedIn continue to grow their portion of users. 

Google+ is growing faster than Facebook and MySpace Inc. did in their early days. The service, which lets people connect with and manage groups of friends on a website, gained about 25 million users worldwide in less than a month, estimates market researcher ComScore Inc Facebook has more than 750 million active users. 

Michael Nardis, the head of YouGov investment products said in a statement about the survey that, “Google+ is tracing a path similar to Facebook's initial growth -- building excitement in a core group of early adopters”.