Google Site Search To Be Discontinued

With the help of Google Site Search, any website could add a custom search field powered by the similar tech as Reportedly, the company is planning on discontinuing the service and directing existing users to a completely free of cost, but ad-supported alternative.
As per Fortune, Google is currently in the process of informing the users of this particular upcoming feature change. The paid service will continue to work until the license expires, however from April 1, new sign-ups and renewals will not be available any more.
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Google has confirmed that they are actually going to pack up the Google Site Search product by next year. They will, however, extend the existing licenses, which might be expiring between April 1 and June 30, to an additional three months.
The functionality of search will continue to work but the account will automatically convert to an existing service which is known as Custom Search Engine. As earlier stated, these result pages will feature ads, Google branding, and less customized options. However, the Google Site Search page is yet to reflect the upcoming changes with licenses still available for purchase.