Google Starts Live Testing Of Instant Apps For Android

Android Instant Apps is among the most interesting concepts that Google announced at its I/O developer conference last year. It has been introduced as a new way to run Android apps without needing to install them on your device. The company states that Instant Apps is an important part of their effort to help users discover and run the apps with minimal friction.
Google in its official blog, states,
“We’ve been working with a small number of developers to refine the user and developer experiences. Today, a few of these Instant Apps will be available to Android users for the first time in a limited test, including apps from BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope, and Viki. By collecting user feedback and iterating on the product, we’ll be able to expand the experience to more apps and more users.”
It will be necessary for all developers to update their existing Android apps so as to be able to take advantage of Instant Apps functionality and modularizing the app, allowing it to be downloaded and run on-the-fly. Google has stated that users will still be using the same APIs and Android Studio projects.
Check here, for the essential steps to be taken so as to initiate Instant Apps development. The complete SDK will soon be available, hopefully in the upcoming months.
The company concluded by saying,
“There has already been a tremendous amount of interest in Instant Apps from thousands of developers. We can’t wait to hear your feedback and share more awesome experiences later this year. Stay tuned!”