Google Strengthens HTTPS Protection In Gmail, Making It Challenging For NSA To Intercept

To protect the consumers from government cyber-spying, Google announced, it has tightened the encryption technology that it uses for Gmail, its flagship email service.
In an attempt to combat the US government snooping, this change in the encryption technology is expected to make it harder for the National Security Agency (NSA) to intercept the messages moving among the organization's worldwide data centers.
Edward Snowden, former NSA systems analyst, made some extraordinary disclosures last summer, among which, one of the most noted disclosure was that the NSA had secretly tapped into the main communications links that connect Google and Yahoo data centers present around the world. The NSA claims, it only focuses on targets that has foreign intelligence value.
Google has made it very clear that they do not welcome the data interception. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman at Google, announced in November that he was outraged over the practice.
According to Gmail's security engineering lead, Nicolas Lidzborski, all the Gmail messages received or sent by a consumer are now encrypted.
Nicolas blogged, “Starting today, Gmail will always use an encrypted HTTPS connection when you check or send email,” He further added, "This ensures that your messages are safe not only when they move between you and Gmail's servers, but also as they move between Google's data centers — something we made a top priority after last summer's revelations,"
Nicolas also wrote, “Your email is important to you, and making sure it stays safe and always available is important to us," According to sources, by this spring Yahoo may also follow the lead for its email service.
Several other technology organizations have also been vocal about the distasteful spy programs of the US government, they worry that such monitoring and interception will bring a decline in the online activities resulting in hampering the organizations financially.