Google Supposedly Working On A New Standalone Headset

Recently, it had been reported that Google planned to scrap a VR project, which would have directly competed with the high-end headsets such as Oculus Rift. However, as per the reports by Engadget, the company is still working on its high-end standalone headset; one which mixes the features of Augmented reality and Virtual reality.
As per the source who spoke with Engadget, Google is moving on with the dedicated headset and it will not require the use of a computer or mobile phone in order to function. Engadget informs us that even though the headset comes with a screen; its features may depend more on Augmented reality. It is, however, not clear what this will look like, but it seems that the device is closer to Microsoft’s HoloLens than to the Oculus Rift. As per the Recode, the original device had been designed so as to compete with the other standalone gaming VR devices available in the market. However, it is to be noted that Google had other hardware projects in development.
For Virtual reality, Google has some ambitious plans in store. Early this very year, the company has gone on to unveil Project Daydream, an Android-powered VR platform, which was built on the success of Google cardboard. However, the company’s long term plan is to move ahead of Android-powered experiences, so as to include more substantial hardware, as per the reports by Engadget.
Google had already worked with augmented reality in other areas. It has gone on to back the Florida-based Magic Lamp company in creating mixed reality technology, which apparently includes its own headset. It was just last week that we saw the success of Pokémon Go and hence, it can be believed that the public is ready for a future with Augmented reality.