Google Tests A New Voice-Confirmation Setting For Purchases In Assistant

Google rolled out a new setting to allow Voice Match to confirm purchases made via the Google Assistant in the Assistant's Payments and Security settings pane.
The feature is part of an early pilot that lets users authorize purchases in a few categories with just their voice via the Assistant. 
The simplest way to reach the new setting is via the Google app -> More -> Settings -> Google Assistant -> You -> Payments. that this early pilot is limited to in-app digital purchases through Google Play and restaurant orders for the time being.
A Google spokesperson confirmed to Android Police about that the functionality and that this is an early pilot limited to in-app digital purchases via Google Play and restaurant orders for the time being.
Google has also published a new support document that explains how to enable or disable the feature.
According to Android-Police, after enabling the setting, most people probably won't notice anything has changed, even if they try to make a purchase via the Assistant. And the functionality doesn't seem to work for things like Google Shopping.
There are speculations that Google had scheduled to unveil the feature at I/O, and that we could be hearing more about it soon.