Google Tests Password Free Logins

Google has recently confirmed that it is now testing password free login, a new way to sign into your Google account. Users have been invited to try and test this new login method, and one can authenticate by responding to the notification which has been send to their smartphone. This idea is quite similar to Yahoo’s “Account Key” which has been recently launched, and which offers password free login.
Password is the weakest part of securing users accounts, as most users do not use complex passwords, or they use the same password across servers. The two ways in which you can increase the security is by using USB stick with a private token, or entering a code via text method on your phone. However, there are many users who find these methods to be a hassle, as it adds on to the login procedure. The new password free login procedure will speed up the procedure by offering its users a new way of signing in.
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The new password free login is simple and easy to use; all you need to do is enter your email address while signing in to your Google account and soon after, a notification will appear on your phone, asking you if you are trying to sign into your Google account from another device. You need to approve the login just by tapping ‘yes’ and you are in your account.
The log in without password would be particularly useful for users who always have their phone with them while they are using the Google service, on another device. It would also be helpful to users with long and complicated password, which is difficult to type.
The new service would also protect the users against phishing.
Google is sending out notification to people to join in the testing of this new service. Once you accept the invitation and join the group, you will receive a mail explain that you will now be able to login to your account without entering any password. However, you may continue to type in your password to login. Google may also ask you your password, as part of additional security measures, if it notices any unusual activity in your current login attempt.
In case your phone is stolen or lost, the screen lock or Touch ID available o your smartphone will protect your private data from the unknown party, and he or she will not be able to unlock your device Google also advises its users that if his or her phone is lost, you should immediately sign into your account from another device, and remove account access from the lost device.

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