Google To Bring Android In Cars

The most popular mobile operating system, Android will now power the cars also. Google’s automobile version of Android named as “Android Auto” is ready to make your cars smarter.
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Recently, Google has partnered with two automobile giants, Audi and Volvo, to ship Android powered car systems for their next generation cars. Google defines what the Android Auto can do for you, as,
“That means your car’s built-in infotainment system could allow you to control your air conditioning, sunroof, and windows, find the nearest restaurant with Google Maps, listen to Spotify or NPR, or just ask your Google Assistant for help—even when you leave your phone behind.”
Google has been planning to jump into automobiles industry since a very long time now. This is why it launched Android Auto three years ago, with an intuitive and simple design interface and integrated control for steering wheel and voice actions. Well, we saw no movement worth noticing in these years but Google claims that Android Auto now supports around 300 car models and aftermarket stereos. Also, the company boasts of the Android Auto mobile app that can simulate the Android Auto features on select Mobile phone screens so as to extend support for non-compatible car versions.
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Now, with the partnership with Audi and Volvo, Google has revamped the Android Auto, and the Search Engine giant is planning to make big announcements at its I/O Conference to be held on May 17-19, 2017 in California.
Well, we are waiting for the Google I/O. It would be great to see the future of automobiles technology with the eyes of Google.